Diabetes Socks versus Compression Socks


Both diabetes socks and compression socks are made to improve blood flow from the heart to the legs and feet. Workers like nurses, retail staff, factory workers, and teachers choose compression socks because it keeps their legs feeling energized and less tired after a long day of standing. But for some, diabetes socks may be a better choice because of the added medical features that can be found in diabetes socks.

What are Diabetes Socks?

Those who live with diabetes must take care of their feet, a common target for complications due to this medical issue. Not only must they wear proper footwear, but they are also prescribed diabetes socks to improve blood flow. Diabetes socks are usually spun with high-quality fibers mean to keep the feet dry. And often, the bottom of the socks are cushioned for added protection and support.

While diabetic socks work similar to compression socks, increasing blood flow and reducing the stress on your feet and legs, they are usually more gentle on your skin and will cause fewer blisters, because they are constructed with less abrasive materials.

Who Wears Compression Socks?

While diabetics will often wear compression socks, and non-diabetics can enjoy the benefits of diabetic socks – the two products are not the same. People will choose to wear knee-length, compression socks to relieve leg pain due to sitting or standing for long periods of time. Compression socks are available in multiple pressures and graduated compression styles that can stop clots and swollen legs on long airplane or car trips or keep lower legs energized during long-distance running.

So compression socks are engineered to apply a certain amount of pressure to the calf and ankle areas, while diabetes socks are designed to fit the multiple needs of diabetes patients. But still, compression socks are a good choice for anyone who wants to energize the legs and improve blood circulation.

The tighter fit of compression socks can reduce the risk of developing blood clots or Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

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