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Diabetes Socks versus Compression Socks


Both diabetes socks and compression socks are made to improve blood flow from the heart to the legs and feet. Workers like nurses, retail staff, factory workers, and teachers choose compression socks because it keeps their legs feeling energized and less tired after a long day of standing. But for some, diabetes socks may be a better choice because of the added medical features that can be found in diabetes socks.

What are Diabetes Socks?

Those who live with diabetes must take care of their feet, a common target for complications due to this medical issue. Not only must they wear proper footwear, but they are also prescribed diabetes socks to improve blood flow. Diabetes socks are usually spun with high-quality fibers mean to keep the feet dry...

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3 Things to Consider Before Buying Medical Supplies


Purchasing medical supplies in Boca Raton can easily become confusing if you’re not used to the process. It doesn’t help that there are countless businesses out there either, all clamoring to be heard above one another. We’ll look at how you should weigh your options before making your final selection.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Whether you’re searching for a thermometer or a hospital bed, it’s really not worth the trouble to select a brand without the right reputation behind it. Medical supplies aren’t as regulated as you might think, and the lack of oversight can be harmful to those who use the products. If you can’t rely on your supplies to give you accurate readings or perform in a pinch, they will be of no use to you.

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There’s no doubt that a medical supply company is...

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What Everyone Should Have in their Medicine Cabinet

first aid kit

Even the mildest illnesses can cause pain and disrupt your normal life. It is, therefore, wise to keep some medical supplies in your medicine cabinet at all times. Some of the most common ailments include headaches, colds, stomach aches, and diarrhea. Some of the most important medical supplies in Boca Raton include the following:

1.      Pain Killers

You need painkillers for common illnesses such as menstrual pain and headaches. The painkillers you get depends on your specific situation and you should always consult with your doctor before taking and keeping any medications on hand .

2.      Oral Rehydration Salts

These salts are great for rehydrating after vomiting or diarrhea. They replace the water and essential minerals that you may have lost while ill...

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What CPAP Users Should Know About Sharing a Bed With a Pet

Man and dog in bed

Man and dog in bedDo you use a CPAP machine? Does your dog or cat sleep in the same bed? There are both benefits and risks to this incredibly common practice. Here’s what you need to know about sharing a bed with a pet as a CPAP user.

Is Sharing a Bed with a Pet Safe for CPAP Users?

In most cases, doctors agree that sharing a bed with a pet while using a CPAP machine is safe as long as proper hygiene is used. Animals are typically uninterested in the equipment and become accustomed to it within a short period of time. As long as the machine and all associated filters are cleaned on a regular basis to prevent breakdown due to excess dust and fur, the practice is not a problem.

Aside from the physical aspects, there are emotional benefits of sharing a bed with your pet...

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Having a Hospital Bed Delivered to Your Home? Steps You Should Take to Prepare

Senior man and woman sitting at home

If you have a loved one who is recovering from surgery or an illness, they may be allowed to return home from a hospital or rehab facility if the right medical equipment is available to them. One of the items that they may need is a hospital bed. Many people have never rented a hospital bed before, so they may not know the necessary steps to take before the bed arrives. Here are a few of the steps you should take to help you prepare.

Figure Out How the Bed Is Going to Get Into the House

When you are renting a hospital bed, always find out the measurements of the bed and whether or not the bed is taken apart for delivery. Not every hospital bed is the same, and therefore the dimensions can vary...

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How to Keep Healthy When You Sit at a Desk All Day

keep healthy

When your job involves sitting at a desk all day, staying healthy can be an uphill battle.

Staying seated for more than six hours a day can have devastating effects on our health. The odds of developing heart disease increase by sixty-four percent.

You’re taking years off the end of your life by not moving around enough.

What can you do to keep healthy and still stay in your boss’s good graces? Here are some of our favorite tips.

Use Your Lunch Hour Wisely

Taking a stroll on your daily lunch hour can be a great way to keep healthy. Split your time between eating and walking.

You’ll come back to work feeling refreshed and productive. Walking for just half an hour every day has incredible health benefits, and your body will soon thank you.

Do some stretching before and after you head out to ...

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Sleeping Positions to Ease Lower Back Pain

At any given moment, an estimated 31 million people all across America are suffering from lower back pain. If you happen to be one of those individuals, you are probably looking for ways to help you reduce your pain. One fairly easy way to reduce your pain is to change your sleep position.

How Changes in Sleep Position Help Lower Back Pain

When you sleep, you are placing a lot of pressure on your back. Making slight modifications to your sleep position could alleviate some of the pressure placed on your lower back. Relieving that pressure could help reduce the amount of aches and pains you experience.

Discovering the Right Sleep Position Based Off of Sleeping Habits

Think about how you sleep at night and consider making the following modifications to how you are positioned while sleeping...

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MAR-J – 3 Exercises That Will Strengthen Your Joints

People who buy from a Boca Raton medical supply company like Mar-J may sometimes feel discouraged if they are experiencing health issues. However, there are plenty of ways to improve health naturally. These joint strengthening exercises may even help with mobility. Here are three exercises that will strengthen your joints.

Building Strength

One tip to get stronger joints is to build overall strength. Over time, the human body starts to lose bone. Strengthening exercises can help slow down that progression, and they may even help prevent osteoporosis. Having strong muscles to support the joints will help build the joints up. Exercise two or three times weekly with hand-held weights and resistance bands. Hit all the major muscle groups, as this will protect joints all over the body.


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Common Home Medical Supplies for Diabetes

In 2012, over 29 million Americans had diabetes, representing nearly 10% of the U.S. population. And that number does not include the nearly 8 million who remain undiagnosed. With so many impacted by this disease, there is a growing need for an understanding of home medical supplies to support diabetics.
Here is a brief description of some of the more common medical supplies for diabetics:

Insulin. Perhaps the most important and most recognized diabetic supply is insulin, the hormone necessary to treat Type 1 diabetes. There are several different types of insulin. Selection is based on the speed at which they begin to work and how long they last. Keeping several days supply of insulin is of utmost important to a diabetic.

Testing meter. Another vital home supply for a diabetic is a relia...

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Major Home Medical Tools for Broken Bones


No matter how safe we try to be, the truth is that each and every one of us is subject to broken bones. While casts and crutches will be administered by the hospital, there are some medical supplies that would be helpful to have at home. If you have young kids, or know someone who is getting older and their bones growing more brittle, these are some of the medical aids you should keep at home incase anything should happen.

  • Ambulatory Equipment: If you cannot walk or have difficulty getting around, having a wheelchair at home will be very helpful. There are now several types, including ultra-light ones that make it easier for you to move about. Geriatric chairs or recliners make life a lot easier for the aged...
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