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How a Blood Glucose Monitor Can Help Control Diabetes


If you have diabetes, your doctor has likely explained the importance of controlling your blood sugar levels. However, even with education and diligence, it’s exceedingly hard to monitor blood glucose levels the way they need to be when you have diabetes. Every unit of measurement is important and accuracy is key to health and a longer life. That’s why there is no substitute for a blood glucose monitor. Here are the benefits of using a blood glucose monitor to help control diabetes:

  • Ability to learn more about how your body reacts to food and exercise
  • Ability to instantly assess whether quick medical intervention is needed
  • Ability to collect data that can aid your healthcare team in making decisions about medication dosage, diet, and exercise requirements
  • Ability to assess progression...
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The Best Ways to Pack Medications When Traveling

travel with medication

Whether you’re bringing along your prescription medication your doctor says you need daily, or you’ve stocked up on ibuprofen from your favorite Boca Raton medical supply company to combat knee pain, trying to figure out how to pack medication for a trip can be quite difficult. We’ve put together a few tips that may make the process a bit easier.

Make Sure You Can Access Medication Easily

One of the most important things to remember is that you want to have easy access to your medication. You may want to bring all medication in carry-on bags if flying. That way if your bags are lost or delayed, you can still access your needed pills. Store pills in a secure container where they won’t spill and are not likely to break...

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Home Medical Supplies for Kids With Allergies

Kids Playing Piggyback Race

Allergies are a common occurrence among children nowadays. Factors such as foods, medications, insect bites and/or stings, or even the weather can induce an allergic reaction depending on the child. Allergic reactions happen in the form of sneezing, wheezing, swelling, skin rashes, and so much more.

It is very important to be aware of your child’s body and the way it reacts to certain things. If you find that your child has an allergy to something, whether it is mild or severe, there are some supplies to keep in your home that would be very helpful should a surprise allergic reaction arise. These supplies are as follows.

  1. Benadryl/Claritin- Each of these medications can be bought over the counter and are completely safe for your child...
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How to Stock Your Medicine Cabinet Like a Pro

Woman Looking in Medicine Cabinet

When’s the last time you checked your medicine cabinet? Do you have all the supplies you need to treat minor symptoms? Here are some medical supplies you should have in your home in the case of a minor emergency in your family:

Fever, Body Pain and Headaches

  • Acetaminophen – A safer choice than aspirin, care should be taken to avoid mixing it with any other tablet or syrup that contains acetaminophen to avoid overdose.
  • Aspirin – A staple of medical supplies and a popular fever reducer and painkiller. If there is someone in your family who is about to undergo surgery or is on blood thinners, make sure they avoid it. Also, teenagers and children in your home should avoid it as it is connected to Reye’s syndrome, a condition that involves swelling of the liver and brain.

Chest Conge...

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Have a Hard Time Getting Your Medication Down? 7 Tips for Swallowing Pills With Ease

tips for swallowing pillsMedication may be essential for your health and well-being, but your pills may be causing you trouble. If you struggle to get your medication down, try these tips.

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7 Helpful Strategies for Remembering to Take Oral Medication on Time

oral medicationTaking oral medication can be an easy task to forget. In fact, the longer you’ve taken it, the harder it can be to recall as it becomes an unconscious habit which you perform on autopilot. Hours later, you wonder, “did I take my medicine or vitamin supplements today?” Since you don’t want to miss your important medications, nor do you want to take them twice, use these tips to help remember:

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