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How a Blood Glucose Monitor Can Help Control Diabetes


If you have diabetes, your doctor has likely explained the importance of controlling your blood sugar levels. However, even with education and diligence, it’s exceedingly hard to monitor blood glucose levels the way they need to be when you have diabetes. Every unit of measurement is important and accuracy is key to health and a longer life. That’s why there is no substitute for a blood glucose monitor. Here are the benefits of using a blood glucose monitor to help control diabetes:

  • Ability to learn more about how your body reacts to food and exercise
  • Ability to instantly assess whether quick medical intervention is needed
  • Ability to collect data that can aid your healthcare team in making decisions about medication dosage, diet, and exercise requirements
  • Ability to assess progression...
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Diabetes Socks versus Compression Socks


Both diabetes socks and compression socks are made to improve blood flow from the heart to the legs and feet. Workers like nurses, retail staff, factory workers, and teachers choose compression socks because it keeps their legs feeling energized and less tired after a long day of standing. But for some, diabetes socks may be a better choice because of the added medical features that can be found in diabetes socks.

What are Diabetes Socks?

Those who live with diabetes must take care of their feet, a common target for complications due to this medical issue. Not only must they wear proper footwear, but they are also prescribed diabetes socks to improve blood flow. Diabetes socks are usually spun with high-quality fibers mean to keep the feet dry...

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3 Things to Consider Before Buying Medical Supplies


Purchasing medical supplies in Boca Raton can easily become confusing if you’re not used to the process. It doesn’t help that there are countless businesses out there either, all clamoring to be heard above one another. We’ll look at how you should weigh your options before making your final selection.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Whether you’re searching for a thermometer or a hospital bed, it’s really not worth the trouble to select a brand without the right reputation behind it. Medical supplies aren’t as regulated as you might think, and the lack of oversight can be harmful to those who use the products. If you can’t rely on your supplies to give you accurate readings or perform in a pinch, they will be of no use to you.

Read the Reviews

There’s no doubt that a medical supply company is...

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The Supplies You’ll Need for Insulin Therapy


Your body requires insulin to properly break down glucose and use it for energy. Insulin also keeps sugar levels in your bloodstream balanced. Diabetes is a disease during which your body stops processing insulin in the way it needs. Your doctor will prescribe insulin therapy to replace the insulin your body can’t produce on a reliable basis.

Administering your insulin correctly will require you to purchase certain supplies. We’re going to cover the staples you should have on hand for your insulin therapy.


Insulin fluid must be injected directly into your bloodstream. Make sure you order your needles in bulk since you’ll need to administer your medicine one to four times per day...

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Common Home Medical Supplies for Diabetes

In 2012, over 29 million Americans had diabetes, representing nearly 10% of the U.S. population. And that number does not include the nearly 8 million who remain undiagnosed. With so many impacted by this disease, there is a growing need for an understanding of home medical supplies to support diabetics.
Here is a brief description of some of the more common medical supplies for diabetics:

Insulin. Perhaps the most important and most recognized diabetic supply is insulin, the hormone necessary to treat Type 1 diabetes. There are several different types of insulin. Selection is based on the speed at which they begin to work and how long they last. Keeping several days supply of insulin is of utmost important to a diabetic.

Testing meter. Another vital home supply for a diabetic is a relia...

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5 Helpful Diabetes Self-Management Tips

You’re used to purchasing diabetes supplies in Boca Raton to manage your condition, but you can control many of your symptoms just by adjusting your diet. After all, the food you eat has an incredible impact on your ability to maintain good blood glucose levels. As you strive to keep your diabetes in check, follow these diabetes self- management tips to slow down the onset of complications from your condition.

Follow Your Doctor’s Guidelines

reading food label


Diabetes diets often include limiting your intake of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Your doctor may also recommend certain foods to avoid in order to keep potassium, phosphorus and sodium intake down as well.

Maintain a Food Diary

Read labels carefully and record how much potassium, phosphorus and sodium you eat every d...

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Syringe Safety Is an Important Part of a Diabetic’s Insulin Treatment

Diabetes is a manageable condition, but proper insulin storage and syringe safety techniques are vital to ensure safe treatment. If you were recently diagnosed with diabetes, keep the following information in mind.

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10 Tips to Help You or a Loved One Avoid Diabetic Complications

diabetic complicationsDiabetes is a serious disease, but it can be managed for a long, healthy life, provided you follow your diabetes treatment plan carefully. Neglecting proper self-care can lead to diabetic complications. 

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Winter and Diabetes: Why Your Insulin Needs May Rise

insulin needsWhen insulin needs go up in winter, it may not be the cold temperatures that are responsible. People tend to behave differently in winter, perhaps because they’re less active when indoors more often. It’s also quite common to eat more and less healthfully during the winter holiday season. This can slow the metabolism, cause weight gain and affect blood sugar levels, subsequently changing your diabetes insulin needs.

Here are some tips to help diabetics stay healthy throughout the winter season:

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Diabetes Basics: 7 Simple Tips for Handling the Summer Heat

diabetes basics, Boca Raton, FloridaDealing with uncomfortably hot summer weather can be difficult for people in general, but when you have diabetes, it can be even more of a challenge. The heat can be dangerous for the more than 20 million diabetics in the country, as well as for seniors and others who take certain medications.

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