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5 Ways to Combat Motion Sickness and Feel Better While Traveling

It brings shallow breathing, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, sleepiness, and headaches. Motion sickness is a condition that causes many people to dread or avoid travel. It occurs when you are in a moving vehicle, such as a car, train or airplane. But you can help yourself feel much more at ease about traveling.

Here are five ways to push back against motion sickness.

How to Keep Motion Sickness at Bay

1. Check out the scenery. Whether you’re traveling around Boca Raton or elsewhere, gaze out out the vehicle’s window while focusing on something that is not moving. This could be the horizon or any object. Just don’t look at moving objects or ones that are too close to you.

2. Stress less. When you’re feeling tense, you’re more likely to get motion sickness...

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