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7 Tips to Help Reduce Arthritis Pain During Cold Winter Weather

reduce arthritis painThe combination of arthritis and winter weather can add up to plenty of discomfort for people in cold-weather climates. Frigid weather makes it tempting to sit in front of the fireplace or wrapped in blankets indoors, rather than venturing out into blustery wind, rain or snow to exercise. To keep arthritis pain in check and maintain your health, however, follow these tips:

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Why High Stress and High Cholesterol Often Go Hand in Hand

High CholesterolIn recent years, there’s been a significant amount of research showing a link between stress levels and cholesterol levels. When stress is elevated, cholesterol seems to go up at a faster rate. So, no matter if you eat a healthy diet and get proper exercise or not, stress can still make your cholesterol level soar. This doesn’t mean it’s futile to exercise and eat right, but it does mean that learning to relax, rather than overreact, is also very important.

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Winter and Diabetes: Why Your Insulin Needs May Rise

insulin needsWhen insulin needs go up in winter, it may not be the cold temperatures that are responsible. People tend to behave differently in winter, perhaps because they’re less active when indoors more often. It’s also quite common to eat more and less healthfully during the winter holiday season. This can slow the metabolism, cause weight gain and affect blood sugar levels, subsequently changing your diabetes insulin needs.

Here are some tips to help diabetics stay healthy throughout the winter season:

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Going Home After Your ACL Surgery

ACL SurgeryAfter your ACL surgery (anterior cruciate ligament and/or knee arthroscopy), plan for a friend or family member to help when you first get home. It may be a few days or a few months before you can return to work, depending on your occupation. Sports and other strenuous activity may have to wait for four to six months.

When you arrive home:

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