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Using Medical Supply Equipment to Improve Individual Mobility

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Thanks to improvements in medicine and overall knowledge about health and wellness, more people are living longer than ever — and they aren’t satisfied with just sticking around the apartment. A lot of Americans are spending their golden years and beyond traveling and enjoying the best locations like Boca Raton has to offer. However, such traveling does have its challenges, particularly if you are traveling with limited mobility and need certain medical supplies available to you wherever you go. The good news is that there is some outstanding medical supply equipment that can greatly enhance individual mobility.

Using Medical Supply Equipment to Improve Individual Mobility

For example, the rolling walker is an excellent choice for individuals who need upright assistance on long walks b...

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Is it Safe to Have Medical Supplies Delivered?

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Those who find themselves in a situation in which medical supplies in Boca Raton are routinely needed might be considering a delivery service. However, many wonder if having medical supplies delivered is as safe as picking them up in person. In short, you can rest easy when ordering online, as you’ll enjoy additional benefits as well.

Personalized Customer Service

Retail storefronts may not have experts on hand to answer questions about the supplies you need. Fortunately, when you order from Mar-J Medical Supply in Boca Raton, there is always someone on the other end of the line with the knowledge and experience necessary to help you make the best choices.

Greater Convenience

There’s no need to be inconvenienced by having to go to a medical supply store to pick up your items when you ...

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How to Select the Right Incontinence Supplies

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When looking into medical supplies in Boca Raton to address concerns about incontinence, you want to ensure that you get the right options for your needs. Selecting the right incontinence supplies depends on your situation and level of activity.

Evaluate Your Activity Level

The first part of finding the right Boca Raton medical supplies for incontinence is your level of activity. If you are bedridden due to an injury or ailment, then disposable briefs and underpads are a good option for your needs. You may also consider underpads if your primary concern relates to problems during sleep, but not during the day.

For more active individuals, a two-piece pant with liners or protective disposables are a better choice...

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3 Innovative Heating and Cooling Products for Aches and Pains

3 Heating and Cooling Products for Aches and Pains

Many people deal with everyday aches and pains that don’t require much attention. But many others deal with pain that’s severe enough to affect their everyday lives. Many products exist that use heat or cold to help deal with pain symptoms. Your search for these products may lead you to look for companies selling medical supplies in Boca Raton, Florida. If so, we’re glad you found us. Here are three innovative heating and cooling products for aches and pains.

For the Kids: Littlest Pet Shop Boo Boo Ice Pack

Little ones aren’t immune from bumps and bruises, but they may be scared or suspicious of grown-up ice packs. This adorable Littlest Pet Shop Boo Boo Ice Pack is a great solution. It has all the effectiveness of an ice pack in an adorable, huggable package.

For the Grown-Ups...

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Convenience of Ordering Medical Supplies Online

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Whether you are a caregiver or rely on medical supplies for your own well-being, it’s great to be able to order them online. This is particularly true if you’re juggling a home, a family and a job, as well as your healthcare management. Diabetic care, mobility, and incontinence supplies are just a few of the items available at a reputable online Boca Raton medical supply company.

Diabetic Supplies

Blood glucose test strips, syringes, and needles are vital to anyone experiencing diabetes. When you run low, it’s important to get fast delivery from a company with a proven track record for safety. If you live in the Boca Raton area, you have the added satisfaction of knowing you are supporting a local business that doesn’t have to go far to deliver your supplies...

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The Supplies You’ll Need for Insulin Therapy


Your body requires insulin to properly break down glucose and use it for energy. Insulin also keeps sugar levels in your bloodstream balanced. Diabetes is a disease during which your body stops processing insulin in the way it needs. Your doctor will prescribe insulin therapy to replace the insulin your body can’t produce on a reliable basis.

Administering your insulin correctly will require you to purchase certain supplies. We’re going to cover the staples you should have on hand for your insulin therapy.


Insulin fluid must be injected directly into your bloodstream. Make sure you order your needles in bulk since you’ll need to administer your medicine one to four times per day...

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R.I.C.E: What to Do if You’ve Suffered an Injury

When you suffer from a soft tissue injury, such as a sprained ankle or a tendon/muscle injury, it is important that you take the necessary steps to diagnose and treat the injury as well as help it heal. In some cases, this means scheduling an appointment with your physician or visiting a local hospital. In less serious cases, following the R.I.C.E treatment protocol (outlined below) and using the right medical supplies in Boca Raton may be all that’s needed to help you recover from your injury.

Please be aware that the advice in this article is not intended to replace your physician’s advice. 


R.I.C.E stands for “rest,” ice,” “compression” and “elevation.” The first step of the R.I.C.E treatment is to rest. This means limiting movement in the injured part of the body...

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Tips for Caring for Urinary Drainage Bags

urinary drainage bagIf you’re caring for someone who needs to use a urinary drainage bag, it’s essential to learn the proper care techniques to prevent infection and reduce odor. Use these tips for caring for urinary drainage bags, which apply whether your patient is using a leg bag or a bedside drainage bag.

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How to Figure Out What Reading Glass Strength You Need

reading glass strength If you’re somewhere in your early 40s, you’ll probably begin to notice that your close-up vision isn’t as sharp as it once was. At first, many of us compensate by holding our reading materials farther away in order to see properly. You may also find yourself adjusting your computer screen’s text to a larger size on most websites. Now is the time to consider reading glasses. Just following these simple steps:

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7 Helpful Strategies for Remembering to Take Oral Medication on Time

oral medicationTaking oral medication can be an easy task to forget. In fact, the longer you’ve taken it, the harder it can be to recall as it becomes an unconscious habit which you perform on autopilot. Hours later, you wonder, “did I take my medicine or vitamin supplements today?” Since you don’t want to miss your important medications, nor do you want to take them twice, use these tips to help remember:

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