The Supplies You’ll Need for Insulin Therapy


Your body requires insulin to properly break down glucose and use it for energy. Insulin also keeps sugar levels in your bloodstream balanced. Diabetes is a disease during which your body stops processing insulin in the way it needs. Your doctor will prescribe insulin therapy to replace the insulin your body can’t produce on a reliable basis.

Administering your insulin correctly will require you to purchase certain supplies. We’re going to cover the staples you should have on hand for your insulin therapy.


Insulin fluid must be injected directly into your bloodstream. Make sure you order your needles in bulk since you’ll need to administer your medicine one to four times per day. Be very careful about properly disposing of your used syringes to avoid having them accidentally jab anyone else around you.

Insulin Pen Pouch

You may choose to use an insulin pen instead of a syringe when self-administering your insulin. An insulin pouch can keep your pen cool when you travel. Make sure you understand how to activate the cooling mechanism and how long your insulin pen will last while using the pouch.Insulin Pump and Infusion Set

An insulin pump automatically delivers doses of insulin at regular intervals. The infusion set connects the pump to your body. It’s good for those who want a more flexible lifestyle that isn’t dependent on remembering to administer insulin shots or pen injections at regular intervals.

Blood Sugar Meter, Lancets and Test Strips

Blood sugar meters allow you to measure the levels of sugar in your blood. You’ll need lancets to prick your skin and collect a sample of your blood to place on a test strip. The strip gets inserted into the monitor, which performs readings on your blood sample.

Your blood sugar meter can warn you if your current glucose levels are too low or too high. That allows you to adjust your insulin levels appropriately or schedule an appointment with your doctor for a complete examination.

Glucose Tablets

Glucose tablets are sugar pills that you take when your blood sugar levels are too low. They provide a quick dose of glucose that can prevent you from having seizures or falling into a diabetic coma.

Keep Plenty of Supplies Around

It’s important you always have the proper diabetic supplies ready and available while receiving insulin therapy. You can obtain any items you need by contacting Mar-J Medical Supply at (888) 347-7997.


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