Prepare Your Family Now for Cold and Flu Season

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Cold and flu season typically runs from fall through spring. During this time, your family has a higher risk of getting sick from influenza and the common cold. Although cold and flu season hasn’t started yet, this is a good time to start making sure that you and your family are prepared for it. Keep the following tips in mind, so you can stay as healthy as possible.

Wash Your Hands

While this should be done on a regular basis, it becomes even more important during cold and flu season. Teach your children to wash their hands thoroughly with soap and warm water, especially after using the bathroom and before eating. Hand-washing is a simple, yet highly effective, way to lower your risk of getting sick. Making sure that your whole family is in the habit of washing their hands by the time cold and flu season starts is a great way to prevent illness.

Stock Up on Cold and Flu Medicine

Despite your best efforts, it’s still possible to end up with a cold or flu. Instead of waiting until you or a family member gets sick, stock up on over-the-counter medications that can reduce fevers, relieve pain and soothe other symptoms, such as nasal congestion. Make sure that you get the children’s version of these medicines for your younger family members.

Get Flu Shots

Flu vaccines provide you with protection from seasonal influenza. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that everyone who is old enough to safely get the flu shot should be vaccinated. This helps reduce the risk of serious complications. Since the vaccine takes a couple of weeks to become effective, getting it now means you’ll be protected by the time cold and flu season starts.

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