Top Tips For Staying Healthy In The Winter

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When winter’s temperatures begin to drop and the urge to stay cozy inside is too overwhelming to ignore, it’s important to keep your immunity strong. Indoor heating and the lack of fresh air in spaces shut tight for the winter months can be a breeding ground for viruses. If your immune system isn’t up to the extra stress you run the risk of catching a cold, or the flu, or becoming run down.

Each season, the cold weather sends millions of people home sick. Yet there is a way to survive the cold and flu season without sacrificing your wellbeing. We’ve compiled a list of the top tips to stay healthy during the winter.

Flu Shots

A flu vaccination can help to reduce the risk of getting the illness or lessen its severity and impacts if you do get sick...

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How to Keep Healthy When You Sit at a Desk All Day

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When your job involves sitting at a desk all day, staying healthy can be an uphill battle.

Staying seated for more than six hours a day can have devastating effects on our health. The odds of developing heart disease increase by sixty-four percent.

You’re taking years off the end of your life by not moving around enough.

What can you do to keep healthy and still stay in your boss’s good graces? Here are some of our favorite tips.

Use Your Lunch Hour Wisely

Taking a stroll on your daily lunch hour can be a great way to keep healthy. Split your time between eating and walking.

You’ll come back to work feeling refreshed and productive. Walking for just half an hour every day has incredible health benefits, and your body will soon thank you.

Do some stretching before and after you head out to ...

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Layering Clothes for Cold Weather Safety

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At MAR-J Medical Supply, your source for Boca Raton medical supplies, we take safety and outdoor preparedness seriously. Safety makes your time outdoors more enjoyable. Get the most out of your outdoor experience and return home safely by dressing for the weather and activity.

Three Basic Layers

Though it might seem like a simple concept, layering clothes the right way goes a bit further than simply wearing more than one shirt and a jacket on top of those; applying some basic logic to the way you layer clothes will ensure maximum comfort in the outdoors regardless of your activity level and the local weather conditions. Dress yourself using these three basic layers.

  1. Base Layer – The first layer, which rests against your skin, should manage moisture and regulate body temperature...
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5 Great Superfoods to Incorporate Into Your Diet

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Any food that packs a powerful nutritional punch can be a “superfood,” and anyone who wants to improve their health should incorporate as many of these foods into their diet as possible. The best thing about superfoods? They don’t have to taste bad. Here are five of the best superfoods with ideas for fitting them into your daily meal plan.

Superfoods to Add to Your Diet

  • Blueberries: Bursting with sweetness, blueberries contain antioxidants and vitamin C. They may even improve memory. Add frozen blueberries to your smoothies, top yogurt or oatmeal with fresh blueberries or just keep some around for a sweet snack.
  • Beans: Beans supply protein without the fat in meat, along with fiber and other vitamins. They’re also easy on the budget...
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How to Stretch Properly

man stretching outsideWhile workouts and exercise get plenty of attention, the health benefits of stretching are just as profound. However, as with exercise, there is both a right way and wrong way to stretch out your muscles and joints. To help you get the most out of your stretching routines, here are a few tips on how to stretch properly.

Do Static Stretches After a Workout

Doing static stretches after a workout can greatly reduce your next-day muscle soreness and stiffness.

Stretch Tight Muscles

Scan your body for any muscles that feel tight, then loosen them with stretches designed to target those areas.

Avoid Stretching First Thing in the Morning

Stretching first thing in the morning may seem like a healthy habit, but the truth is that when you sleep your spine swells with fluid, which can increase your ...

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Tips to Prevent Injuries When Running This Summer

running outsideSummer’s here, the weather is gorgeous, and you may be thinking about going for a run to take advantage of the longer days and beauty of the outdoors. But whether you’re just getting started as a runner, or you’re a seasoned marathon participant, injuries while running are highly possible. If you’ve been browsing medical supplies in Boca Raton, you may have noticed items like shin splints and other aids to help prevent stress fractures. Here are some other tips that will help prevent running-related injuries this summer.

Get to Know Your Limits

For many, they keep running out of passion or determination but actually should’ve stopped miles ago. That threshold could be 10 miles a week or 50, but every runner is different and you need to know how much is too much...

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Tips on How to Avoid Heat Stroke

sunny skyWhen you’re exposed to sweltering summer temperatures for a long time or your body becomes dehydrated, you may begin to suffer from heat exhaustion. If you do not find relief from the heat and rehydrate, heat exhaustion can quickly turn into heat stroke, a serious and life-threatening condition.

What to Watch For

Heat exhaustion can cause heavy sweating, headache, and extreme thirst. You may also feel tired, dizzy, nauseated and have a rapid heartbeat. If you suddenly stop sweating, feel disoriented, have a throbbing headache, rapid breathing or experience muscle cramps and weakness, it’s time to seek medical attention quickly as these are all signs of heat stroke.

Preventing Heat Stroke

The first rule when spending time out in hot weather is to stay hydrated...

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3 Exercises to Help Prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Outstretched HandMillions of Americans deal with carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel may cause stiffness, numbness and pain the in hands and fingers. Despite its widespread occurrence, experts and doctors are not entirely sure what causes the condition.

Both genetics and certain lifestyle factors can influence your likelihood of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Unfortunately, the factors that may contribute to developing carpal tunnel are so diverse that virtually everyone will experience them at some point in their lives.

You can take certain steps to decrease the chances that you will develop carpal tunnel, including engaging in a few relatively simple exercises daily.

Spider Pushups

Stretching your fingers can help reduce your chances of developing carpal tunnel...

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Tips on Preventing Injuries this Spring

TulipIt’s not unusual for people to feel the warm breeze on their skin, and have a sudden urge to renew a New Year’s resolutions of getting back in shape. But spring is also a time where people get injured attempting to do everything at once. Keep these tips in minds so your body stays safe from common injuries, whether you like to play tennis, rollerblade or bike.

Talk to Your Doctor

It may seem like overkill, but talking to your doctor before doing anything can be a huge preventative step. Your family history or personal health may not allow you to do it all, so get the advice now while you’re still feeling good. Also, you should always start slowly. Test your stamina with walks or light jogs, and then start building up to more moderate and intense exercise intervals.

Play It Safe


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Tips on Keeping Your Home Allergen-Free

Living RoomIf you’ve been experiencing an itchy nose, eyes, scratchy throat, or other symptoms, you already know that allergic reactions can put a significant damper on your quality of life. Allergy sufferers can find relief by using items purchased from a Boca Raton medical supply retailer, but you can also help keep allergic reactions at bay through proper housecleaning procedures. Following are five easy things that you can do to keep your indoor living environment as allergen-free as possible.

Leave Your Shoes at the Door

Allergens are frequently introduced to the indoor living environment via the bottoms of shoes, so circumvent this situation by removing your shoes at the front door and asking other household residents and family members to do the same.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner With a HEPA Filter


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