5 Tips for Healthier Sleep

tips for better sleep

Humans sleep approximately a third of a lifetime. All of this sleep facilitates various essential body and brain functions. Insufficient sleep can result in problems focusing and performing routine tasks, and it leads to serious health effects. Here are some tips from Mar J Medical Supply, your Boca Raton medical supply provider, to help remedy some common causes of difficulty sleeping.

Tips for Healthier Sleep

1. Reduce Caffeine Intake.

Consuming caffeine, especially later during the day, can contribute to poor sleep. Health experts suggest avoiding caffeine in the afternoon and evening. Ideally, avoid caffeine for ten full hours before trying to fall sleep. Substitute caffeinated drinks for decaf choices.

2. Eliminate Intrusive Light.

Even small amounts of light in the room can affect the body’s biological timekeeping system. Such disruption can affect sleep. Remove or hide all light-emitting electronics from your bedroom, and use room-darkening blinds.

3. Improve Comfort.

If you don’t feel rested when you wake up, or you feel tired during the day, evaluate your mattress. If it is deteriorated, lumpy, sagging, or has holes, replace it. Also, clean sheets are basic for comfortable sleep, so change sheets frequently.

4. Exercise More.

Increased physical activity promotes healthy sleep. Step away from your desk multiple times during the day, and just take quick walks around your workplace (about 10-15 minutes each). Add in a few stretching sessions for a few minutes each.

5. Avoid Substance Use.

Don’t use alcohol or unnatural sedatives for help sleeping. Developing dependencies can lead to overuse and serious health consequences. Choose non-caffeinated options. Or, try reading, listening to soft music, deep breathing, or other soothing activities to decompress.

Keep in Mind

Chronic sleep difficulties may be due to more than just one cause. Evaluate your sleep environment and routine activities to identify the most likely contributors.

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