An Easy Guide To Taking Your Blood Pressure At Home

taking your blood pressure at home, Boca Raton, FloridaMeasuring your blood pressure can be awkward at first. But it’s relatively simple once you get used to the procedure. Follow this easy guide to taking your blood pressure at home.

Don’t take your blood pressure when…

  • You’re under stress
  • You’ve just exercised
  • You’ve just drunk a caffeinated beverage
  • You’re feeling a need to empty your bladder
  • It’s cold in the room
  • You’ve just eaten a meal
  • You’re taking certain medicines that raise your blood pressure — or factor that in, with instructions from your physician

Steps for taking your blood pressure

  • To begin, sit comfortably five to 10 minutes, resting your left arm on a table beside you at heart level. Try to measure blood pressure at close to the same time daily.
  • Sit up straight, and uncross your legs.
  • Find your pulse, using middle and index fingers, pressing inside the bend in your elbow. Position the stethoscope’s silver disc there.
  • Pull the cuff through the metal loop, and put your arm inside the cuff, with the lower edge an inch above the bend of the elbow. Seal the cuff snugly — not uncomfortably tight.
  • Position the stethoscope’s opposite ends in your ears.
  • Hold the pressure gauge in your left hand and the squeezable bulb in your right.
  • Close the air valve by turning the screw clockwise.
  • Inflate the cuff by gripping and releasing the bulb repeatedly.
  • Stop inflating when the BP gauge hits about 30 mm above your expected systolic pressure. Your doctor can best advise you where that is, based on your health, gender and age.
  • Now slowly deflate the cuff by turning the valve counterclockwise.
  • When you hear the very first pulse beat, check the gauge. That’s your systolic blood pressure.
  • Continue deflating slowly.
  • When the pulse disappears, check the gauge reading to get your diastolic pressure.

Write down your pressure as a fraction with systolic over diastolic, along with time and date. Follow your physician’s instructions about how often you should take your blood pressure at home.

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