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Diabetes Socks versus Compression Socks


Both diabetes socks and compression socks are made to improve blood flow from the heart to the legs and feet. Workers like nurses, retail staff, factory workers, and teachers choose compression socks because it keeps their legs feeling energized and less tired after a long day of standing. But for some, diabetes socks may be a better choice because of the added medical features that can be found in diabetes socks.

What are Diabetes Socks?

Those who live with diabetes must take care of their feet, a common target for complications due to this medical issue. Not only must they wear proper footwear, but they are also prescribed diabetes socks to improve blood flow. Diabetes socks are usually spun with high-quality fibers mean to keep the feet dry...

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Managing Hypertension: The Stress-Free Way to Check Your Blood Pressure

managing hypertensionIt’s not necessary to visit your doctor’s office if you want to monitor blood pressure. Part of managing hypertension at home is to learn the correct, stress-free way to check blood pressure. Here’s how.

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An Easy Guide To Taking Your Blood Pressure At Home

taking your blood pressure at home, Boca Raton, FloridaMeasuring your blood pressure can be awkward at first. But it’s relatively simple once you get used to the procedure. Follow this easy guide to taking your blood pressure at home.

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