You Need Bunion Surgery? What To Expect

need bunion surgery, Boca Raton, FloridaDo you need bunion surgery? It’s often recommended after other types of treatment have failed to relieve pain or when a big-toe joint is deformed.

The procedure generally involves a small incision to reach the affected area. Your surgeon then moves the bones into the correct position/alignment. Sometimes wires or screws are used to keep the bones in place. Although bunion surgery is usually successful, there’s no guarantee that it will relieve all of your foot pain.

The procedure

Typically, an anesthetic that numbs the foot is given before bunion surgery. You may also be given a sedative, which will calm you and perhaps leave you with no memory of the procedure. Bunion surgery does not usually require a hospital stay.

Types of bunion-repair surgeries

  • Removal of part of the bulging area
  • Correction of the arrangement of ligaments around the big-toe joint
  • Removal of part of the bone and repositioning of the remaining bone
  • Fusion of the toe joint
  • Placement of an implant

After the procedure

Your recovery time could be six weeks to six months, depending on the extent of the procedure. It may take a year to heal completely.

Post-surgery care

Follow your doctor’s instructions, which may include keeping your foot covered and dry while bathing.

Stitches may be removed in one to three weeks, and any stabilizing pins (sticking out of your toe or foot) will probably be removed in three weeks to a month. Pins may need to remain in place for up to six weeks, depending on your doctor’s assessment.

You may wear a splint and/or special shoes for a month or two after the surgery.

You may be instructed to keep your weight off of the affected foot for up to two months.

You may then be given a special supportive boot to guide the bones while they heal.

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