The Benefits of Using a Lumbar Pillow

Unlike regular pillows that support your upper back and neck while you sleep, a lumbar pillow is designed to support the lower spine – also known as the lumbar spine – while in a seated position.

To use a lumbar pillow, simply place it between your lower back and your chair to help maintain the natural inward curve of your spine. Some lumbar pillows come with straps so you can attach them to office or dining room chairs. Once you realize the benefits of using a lumbar pillow, you’ll never want to sit down without one again!

Enjoy Greater Spinal Support While You Travel

Perhaps you researched the perfect office chair with great lumbar support to cradle your spine while you work all day. However, what about when you travel? You have no control over the quality of lumbar support in your car, on an airplane or on public ground transportation. Packing a small lumbar pillow in your suitcase solves this problem.

Ease or Prevent Chronic Back Pain

When the lumbar curve of your spine is properly supported, the downward force of gravity is absorbed–which helps prevent muscle fatigue. Tired muscles eventually start to hurt, which can turn into chronic pain if you’re not careful. A lumbar pillow can stop this pain in its tracks or help ease any chronic pain you’re already dealing with.

Effective Treatment at a Low Cost

Millions of Americans deal with lower back pain. With treatments ranging from chiropractic adjustments to massage therapy to surgery, purchasing a lumbar pillow is a small investment for the great benefits you receive. Since spinal health affects your entire body, ensuring proper lumbar support every time you sit down can make your whole body feel better.

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a lumbar pillow? MAR-J Medical Supply is your source for medical supplies in Boca Raton, including lumbar support products for a healthier spine.

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