3 Ways to Combat a Stomach Virus at Home

stomach bug

Nausea, diarrhea, stomach pain — a stomach virus is one of those short-lived bugs that nightmares are made of, rendering you in an utterly miserable state of being. For the most part, a trip to the doctor will yield you instructions to get rest, drink fluids and wait for the problem to pass. Take a look at some other things you can do at home to help yourself recuperate from a stomach virus faster.

1. Follow the BRAT Diet

The BRAT diet is a simple diet of four bland foods: bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. These foods are really easy on your digestive system, and they break down quickly once they hit your stomach to provide you with energy. If you feel a bit hungry at all, try nibbling on some of these items slowly. You should really steer clear of most other foods because they can agitate your stomach and make the problem worse, but a few real no-nos to leave alone include:

  • Greasy foods like potato chips or bacon
  • Dairy products like milk or cheese that can be hard to digest
  • Spicy foods that can irritate your already-weak stomach

2. Drink Lots of Water & Other Fluids

It can seem a little counterintuitive to continually take in fluids if they seem to be rejected by your body soon after, but taking in fluids consistently may help you recover faster from an average stomach virus. Plus, the extra hydration will prevent you from getting dehydrated. Sip on clear beverages the entire time or munch on ice chips when you feel up to it. Even some light teas like ginger or chamomile tea can ease an upset stomach.

3. Sleep & Rest as Much as Possible

Your body mends quicker on a cellular level when you are at rest and especially when you are asleep. Therefore, make sure you avoid your usual routine while you have a stomach bug. Chill out on the sofa, in the bed or in a comfortable place. Take naps frequently and do not fight off the urge to sleep.

For the most part, handling a stomach virus at home is all about managing symptoms and waiting for the situation to pass. Check with a Boca Raton medical supply company for all the supplies you may need at home when a stomach virus strikes.

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