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3 Natural Ways to Combat Allergies

natural allergy remedies

Allergies over the spring are an inevitability for certain people, but it’s no reason stay indoors all season. Thankfully, there are natural ways to keep your sinuses clear so you don’t have to worry about drowsiness or fatigue. So if you don’t love the idea of popping allergy pills just to take a walk in the park, consider the following ways to keep allergies at bay naturally.

Step Up Your Cleaning

Pollen has a way of attaching itself to your hair, clothes, and shoes, interfering with your breathing and well-being long after you step back inside. Taking off your shoes and outer clothing is a good way to leave the outside where it belongs. You may also want to throw in a few more loads of laundry or take a couple extra showers a week when the spring breeze really starts to kick up.


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