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5 Best and Worst Foods for Your Joints

MilkJoint pain is an affliction that millions of Americans must deal with. What you may not know, however, is that the foods you eat on a daily basis may both positively and negatively influence your joint health. If you would like to improve (or prevent)  osteoarthritis, consider adding these five good foods to your diet and eliminating the five bad.

The Good

Foods that are great for improving your overall joint health and reducing joint pain are:

  • Low fat milk
  • Virgin olive oil
  • Cherry juice
  • Wine
  • Fatty fish

From antioxidants to omega 3s, these five foods contain a wide number of compounds that have been shown to improve joint health, and for each one listed there have been studies documenting participants who suffer from osteoarthritis showing improvement after adding these foods to their re...

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