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How to Stock Your Medicine Cabinet Like a Pro

Woman Looking in Medicine Cabinet

When’s the last time you checked your medicine cabinet? Do you have all the supplies you need to treat minor symptoms? Here are some medical supplies you should have in your home in the case of a minor emergency in your family:

Fever, Body Pain and Headaches

  • Acetaminophen – A safer choice than aspirin, care should be taken to avoid mixing it with any other tablet or syrup that contains acetaminophen to avoid overdose.
  • Aspirin – A staple of medical supplies and a popular fever reducer and painkiller. If there is someone in your family who is about to undergo surgery or is on blood thinners, make sure they avoid it. Also, teenagers and children in your home should avoid it as it is connected to Reye’s syndrome, a condition that involves swelling of the liver and brain.

Chest Conge...

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