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How to Choose the Right Catheter Size

Selecting the proper catheter size is important to reduce risk during various procedures. You must consider patient gender and body type, the procedure being performed, and catheter material for the best results. In general, the goal is to choose the smallest catheter possible. Follow this guide to help you pick a catheter based on certain critical factors.



  • Catheter gauge: Adult males usually need a French 14-gauge (0.184-inch) catheter while adult females typically need a French 12- to 16-gauge (0.158- to 0.21-inch) catheter.
  • Catheter length: Males typically need 16-inch long urinary catheters while catheters for females are typically only 6 inches long. Also, larger patients need longer catheter tubes than smaller patients.
  • Concerns of excessive fluid flow or se...
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How to Keep Kids Safe When Using Wheelchairs

You want what’s best for your child, and if that means using a wheelchair to get around, you need to become familiar with wheelchair safety tips for kids to ensure your child remains happy and healthy during this stage of development. Adapt the following tips right away and over time to keep your child safe both inside and outside the home.



  • Frequently check the wheelchair’s brakes, locks, wheels, casters, armrests and footrests to make sure they’re in good working order.
  • Learn how to use wheelchair locks for transfer to and from the wheelchair. Make sure your child and your child’s caregivers also know how to use the locks.
  • Keep the floor in your home clear to make getting around in a wheelchair easy...
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4 Home Safety Tips for Seniors

Do you or an elderly loved one want to remain living at home? This is a popular option over transferring to a nursing home, but it requires some preparation to combat potential dangers for seniors living alone. You can help avert accidents by following these five home safety tips for seniors.

bathroom safety tips


Improve Bathroom Safety

  • Install bathroom safety aids such as grab bars in the shower and around the toilet, handheld shower sprays, a skid-proof tub surface, and tub transfer bench to facilitate independence in the bathroom.
  • Install anti-scald devices on faucets and showerheads, turn the water heater down to 120 degrees, and ensure all faucets are clearly marked “hot” and “cold” to prevent painful burns.
  • Put a nightlight in the bathroom to help make nighttime bathro...
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5 Signs You May Need Reading Glasses

It’s not unusual for your eyesight to change as you age. Even if you have never needed glasses to see items at a distance, you may need reading glasses if it becomes difficult to focus on objects up close. This type of vision problem is called farsightedness. It may require you to wear glasses only while reading or doing other things up close, such as threading a needle.

Here are five signs you may need reading glasses and how to make your selection from a reading glasses supplier in Boca Raton.

reading glasses


Signs of Farsightedness

The most common issues indicating you need reading glasses include:

  1. Squinting when reading a book or magazine
  2. Holding reading material further away or pushing your computer screen back to help words come into focus
  3. Headaches after spending an ...
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